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  • The One stop Solution for Castor Wheels
    KOSTER stocks a wide range of castor wheels that suit several different needs and applications. Swivel castors are highly popular, but we also stock castor wheels with specially sized thread guards or shock absorbing qualities. Whatever your requirements in castor wheels, we have a product for you f
  • How do I know what size casters I need?
    The Complete Guide to help you determine what Caster type you need for your cart, equipment, or furniture Hey there, DIY enthusiasts and industry pros alike! Whether you're setting up a DIY mobile workstation or ensuring that a heavy machine rolls smoothly, the size of the caster is paramount. But h
  • Increase the lifetime and safe costs by regular inspection and maintenance of the castor wheels
    After you have received your new castor wheels, it is important that you take good care of them so that they will endure the hard work you will put them through. In this article, we will treat the most common problems that will cause your castors to wear down faster and will hinder their ability to
  • Caster Wheel Materials & Its Characteristics
    The use of casters is found very important in industries. With the help of casters, you can easily maneuver all kinds of equipment in the industry, including carts, racks, and dollies. Have you ever thought about the composition of castor wheels? There are all kinds of caster wheels to be used for v

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