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Caster Wheel Materials & Its Characteristics

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The use of casters is found very important in industries. With the help of casters, you can easily maneuver all kinds of equipment in the industry, including carts, racks, and dollies. Have you ever thought about the composition of castor wheels? There are all kinds of caster wheels to be used for varied purposes.

Whether it is the regular duty castor wheels or the heavy-duty castor wheels, the material can be common in each one of them. Here are some popular types of materials along with their features: 

Cast Iron

One of the materials to be used to come up with castor wheels is cast iron. One of the significant reasons to root for this material is its high capacity. It is weather-resistant so that you can use it irrespective of the temperature within the interior or exterior of your house or industry. The chair casters or furniture casters made up of this material will also have durability.

Forged Steel

If you use it for typical applications in the industry, the material is bound to have a long run. But it would be preferred in the exterior than the interior of a place. The thing here is that this material can cause damage to the floors. If you don't worry too much about floor protection, you can use this material to come up with castor wheels for your place. If you need it for an industry, you might prefer heavy-duty caster wheels.


The major benefit of using this material for castor wheels is that it will reject all sorts of debris coming its way. It means that the maintenance of castor wheels made up of this material would be far more manageable when you compare it with other names on this list.


Multiple benefits of caster wheels are made up of this material. It will withstand all sorts of solvents, just like a monoplane. On top of that, it can last well in any given weather conditions. So, if you need to carry loads outside where the sun is shining bright all day long, nylon can be the best material to come up with heavy-duty caster wheels.


This material is considered to be lightweight. So, it will be easier for your workers to move things from one place to another. If something goes wrong with caster wheels in the future, you can easily carry it to a mechanic and get it repaired quickly. It is well suited for wet and corrosive applications as well.


If you want to use casters inside a place where floors need to be protected, rubber is the best material to come up with heavy-duty caster wheels. The operation under these caster wheels will be done quietly as the material doesn't make much noise.

These are 6 of the commonly used materials to come up with caster wheels. Each of them has got its benefits and you must see which one suits your needs the best!


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